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September 04, 2011 Zimbabwe Journal

4 Sep

Greetings from Zimbabwe,

Our need for an ambulance was reaffirmed this afternoon. Late in the afternoon, Jeff was summoned to take a woman to the hospital. Beauty the nurse felt that she was having a stroke. Albert went with Jeff to the hospital. The road from here to the tarmac is very rough and so it was a long trip. It was after dark before they returned. Jeff says the road is rougher after dark. The woman was admitted to the hospital.

Bryce arrived yesterday morning, Saturday September 3. It was good to have him here after a very long trip. Bryce had worked all day Thursday at his office and then left at 6:00 in the evening to begin the long trip here, 34 hours of travel. He seemed to not be too tired because he had been able to sleep some on the plane.

After some errands, we returned to the mission. We found that there was no power. We have had no power since a week ago today. Without power we have no water either. The tanks at our house still had a small amount of water in them. Jeff started a load of his laundry and Bryce rigged the generator up to operate the washing machine. It worked fine but then we ran out of water. Can’t do laundry without water!! This morning Bryce hooked up the generator to the pump in the well.

Water is pumping into the tanks as I type this. The teachers want to turn on the big tanks but Bryce locked them down until the generator can pump enough water to get ahead of the demand that there will be. Soooo, Bryce has really been put to work.

Our biggest challenge at the moment is water. The garden at the expansion site is minimal because the amount of water available is very limited. Water has to be hauled from Nyamashato to the chicken project. This takes the time of someone who can drive. Albert still doesn’t have anyone to take Mr. Scott’s place. As you may remember Mr. Scott passed away last year.

When we made a visit to Inyagui, we learned that they were unable to start the generator to pump water. Bryce and Jeff worked on it and determined that the air filter had not been cleaned. They finally were able to start it by jumping it with the truck battery. Enough water was pumped to last for a few days until a new battery could be found.

Today, September 8, I rode with Bryce and Jeff to Inyagui School. The gardener was busy expanding the garden. The Headmistress told us that he is a community volunteer. He had told her that he wanted to help the orphans. We hope this sets an example for others in the community.

I suggested that the staff at the school (Inyagui) dig a pit at the water tank to catch the run off when people come to collect water. I also suggested that water used to wash vegetables and to do dishes could also be dumped into the pit. I told them that they could dip buckets of water from the pit to use in watering the garden. When Jeff and Bryce returned from there the other day they were busy digging the pit. They will brick it and cement the inside to hold the water.

It is 4:00 in the afternoon and we have just received a phone call from Albert. He is stranded in Harare. He and Godfrey had gone to town today to pick up things necessary for the Memorial Service for tomorrow and food supplies for the Feeding Center. On their way out of town, they heard a noise and stopped to have a look, only to discover that one of the front wheels was about to come off the truck. Jeff and Bryce have just left to go pick them up and bring the supplies back that they have purchased.

Friday, September 9th the Memorial Service for Ralph was held. People were everywhere. It was estimated that there
were 1,500 people who attended excluding children. People attended from the district offices as well as the people locally. Some of our friends from Harare also attended. Many spoke of the things that had been accomplished over the 15 years we had been coming to Zimbabwe.

Today, September 13, we are in Harare to purchase materials so that Bryce can construct some coverings for the windows needed for the chicken brooder. At present they are using plastic that flaps in the breeze and is pretty well torn up. I think they have to replace it every time they buy a new batch of chicks. This seems to be wasted money.

I hope to have an opportunity to send this before we leave Harare. I don’t always have a chance to
email when we are in town.

In His Service,