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September 2, 2011 Arrive in Harare

2 Sep


Jeff and I arrived safely in Harare about 6:30 last night, Friday.  We stayed at the B & B that Ralph and I often stayed at.  The drive was long and tiring but had no truck problems.  Crossing the border went off in a fairly timely fashion.  However, there was one glitch that was overcome by my age. Ha! Ha!  Customs discovered that I only had four or five pages left in my passport and refused to give me a visa.  He insisted that I go to a US Embassy and get additional pages.  It was very obvious that most of the pages were filled with Zimbabwe Visas from past years.  SA had not found it a problem when we landed at Jo’bug.  After much talking and his scrutinizing my passport, he realized my age and finally gave me the visa.  He said I was older than his great granny.  In this culture age is respected.  Sooo old age does have its perks.

In a few minutes we will leave to visit Derek Forbes and drop off things we brought for people here in Zimbabwe.  Then Jeff and I will pick up some supplies and head out to school.  Getting the house opened is always a long stressful day.  I am glad that we both had a good rest last night.  Jeff was really tired after the long day yesterday.  The roads in Zimbabwe have not improved any.

Albert called yesterday.  Everyone at HCOC is anxiously awaiting our arrival.  I am afraid that is going to be a difficult reunion for me.

More later.

In His Service,