August 28, 2018

3 Sep

Journal 19
August 28, 2018

Greetings from Zimbabwe,

Yesterday,  I spent much of the day with Tafadzwa at the Moringa Building.  She is going to be a perfect fit.  Much of her training in Japan will be very useful. She had an eye opening experience when there.   I have every confidence that she can train the local women. She also speaks the local language which is a huge plus.  She knows exactly what I am concerned about.  Having her on board is going to be a big relief for me.

My days are numbered now.  The Moringa Building is progressing, just not as quickly as I would like.  I had originally planned for several weeks to train the women.  As things stand now that is not going to happen.  I have decided to recommend that Tafadzwa be hired as manager of the Processing of the Moringa.  She is very well qualified.  Originally, I had been concerned that the community might rebel at hiring another member of the same family.  However, the Executive Committee gave their blessing.  They had helped sponsor Tafadzwa’s trip to Japan last year for a year of study.  So the committee feels the organization should benefit from her training.  In addition, Tafadzwa has her degree in Social Work.

Last Friday, I rode along with Albert to visit the bridge that I mentioned early in my stay.  The bridge has now reached the other side of the river.  Friday, the river didn’t look nearly as threatening as it had earlier in the year.  The concrete walkway reaches about halfway across the river.  They were preparing to pour more cement during our visit.  Of course it was the women who were shoveling and wheeling the stones for mixing the cement.

Clothing and laundry soap was being handed out to the local women volunteers as a thank you for their help.  This bridge is to be complete by the end of September.  This has been a big undertaking for Albert’s Rotary Club.

The processing building is nearing completion.  A final coat of paint is going on in the bathroom.  The tiling is complete.

Painting on the outside of the building is complete.  Screening has been installed in the upper part of the veranda. This will prevent birds from building nests up in the top and making a mess on the cement below.

Windows are being washed as I write this.  Major cleaning will take place on Monday.  Tuesday, when in Harare the last of the uniforms, etc. will be purchased.

The Moringa Building is basically complete.  Most of the workmen moved out today.  Much of the debris has been picked up and disposed of and so the dryer was unpacked and setup today.  The plastic is still on it to keep the dust off while the cleaning takes place.  Tomorrow the electrician is to come and wire the dryer into the outlet.  He will wire it through the surge protector.  I am really anxious to get the room cleaned now so that we can do a test run.  Tafadzwa, who will be the manger, and I will be busy all week.  Initially we will have to get used to the ozone machine and try to determine how long it needs to run to purify the water.

Stewart visited these children last week.  They live in the furthest reaches of the area HCOC serves.  He said he doubted that the truck could reach them. He said it was a challenge for the motor bike.

These children are classified as vulnerable children because both parents are living.  The father is in jail for 20 years on sexual abuse charges.  The mother is overwhelmed with caring for the children and has no money. She does odd jobs for the bit of money she can earn.  Stewart said there was no sign of food in the home.  The two older children attend Guzha.  The smaller of the three is six years old but does not attend school because the mother does not have the school fees.  HCOC assists these cases on a limited basis since they are not classified as orphans. This family needs all of our prayers.

Two weeks left until I start my trip home.  It has been a long stay.  Much has been accomplished but there is still so much to be done.  I will be leaving with mixed emotions.  My heart is heavy with the concern for children who need so much help and yet there are such limited resources.  I am counting on the Moringa to generate significant income for this mission.  Success of this project depends on the development of products that contain Moringa for retail sale.  That should create significant income.

In His Service, Roberta



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